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Perches for your Parrotlet should be thick enough that their toes do not touch under the perch or completely wrap around the perch.  Get a variety of perches for both thickness and material (wood, cement, sandy, etc…) or even a “Rock Perch” such as those sold by birdontherocks.com for a nice spot to rest those weary feet. Parrotlets also love small cotton rope boings in their cage and some even have plastic slinky’s that is their favorite perch!  Variety in material and size is important for the health of their feet. 


Toys are very important in preventing your Parrotlet from getting bored.  Rotate toys within their cage to get maximum use out of them and replace any toy with dangerous parts after your parrotlet has “killed” it.  Toy safety is the most important thing to consider when buying toys and when replacing toys that have become a danger.  Parrotlet toenails and tips of their beaks are sharp and can get caught in a frayed piece of rope on a toy. Parrotlets seem to love soft wood toys, small piñatas, plastic slinkys, popsicle stick toys, swings, rope boings, and anything with knots and beads.  Here is an absolute huge hit with Parrotlets.  It is a boing hand made by Deb Specht.  All of my babies LOVE this boing...so much so that most of the new owners purchased one from her for their new baby. Simply a must have!  Click here to see the boing.


Lighting your birds room or cage with full spectrum lighting is highly recommended.  A great manufacturer for full spectrum lighting is FeatherBrite.









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What Kind of Toys, Perches, and lighting do Parrotlets like?

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