My pet Zoe—Normal green female Pacific Parrotlet.


Welcome to Kristy’s Tiny Aviary (KTA).  We are a very small breeder of Pacific Parrotlets and Green Rump Parrotlets in Pennsylvania, and our aviary is closed to the public.  If you purchase a Parrotlet baby from us, you are more than welcome to come visit your baby during the final days of weaning by scheduled appointment only. We do not allow anyone into the breeders room for the birds health & protection as well as the protection of the eggs and or babies they may be caring for at that time. 

These tiny little Parrotlets make absolutely wonderful pets.  They can learn to talk but are not loud, having the inability to scream like larger parrots. These pint sized personalities are perfect for people who want a bird with a big parrot personality...but not all the noise, space requirements and mess.

Green Rump Parrotlets are the smallest Parrotlets weighing in at only 18 grams—24 grams and less than 5 inches.  They are a vibrant emerald green, and like the Pacific's the males have varying colors of blue in the wings.  The females are predominately a green apple color with shades of yellow around their face and eyes.  These tiny tiny little birds are very gentle, some consider them a little shy. Green rumps rarely bite out of aggression (like the Pacific's can and sometimes do).  Green Rumps love to snuggle into your neck or ride around in your shirt pocket.

Pacific Parrotlets are some of the most beautiful Parrotlets.  There are many varieties of color mutations in the Pacifics.  Here at Kristy’s Tiny Aviary, we have a few breeders who produce the following Parrotlet babies. 

¨ Blue

¨ Blue/Yellow

¨ Blue/Lutino

¨ American White (Dilute Blue)

¨ Lutino

¨ Albino

¨ American Yellow (Dilute)

¨ American Yellow (Dilute)/Blue

¨ Normal Greens

¨ Greens/American Yellow (Dilute), Greens/Blue and American Yellow (Dilute), Green/Lutino, Greens/Blue/Lutino, and Green/Blue.



To contact us:

Phone: 610-323-4632

Cell: 610-716-7424


Kristy's Tiny Aviary

Zoe wants an extra set of wings

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Parrotlet Movie Star!  See if you can spot the Parrotlet in this commercial!

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Many good tips for all sorts of Parrot training.  I used these training courses on my Amazon, as well as my Parrotlets!

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